Scharnhorst Continent
Area: 21,408,223 km2
Length: 5463km
Width: 5120km
Percentage of Planet Surface: 3.96%

The second continent to be colonised on New Dusseldorf, Scharnhorst was colonised eschewing off-world assistance. This means that unlike Bismarck continent, Scharnhorst lacks many of the hallmarks of Star League era colonisation. The three cities lack the Star League city template and also some of the benefits that provides, and also lack the colossal earthworks to forcibly tame the surrounding landscape.

The result is that the cities have grown and developed in response to their surroundings, as has the colonisation into the continent from these three starting points.

The farms of Scharnhorst are generally small family-run operations. Diversity and self sufficiency (of the continent and of local communities) are the main goals. An old saying is ‘Bismarck is the bread bowl, Scharnhorst is the salad bowl’ referring to the bulk production of grains and similar staple crops from the ready-made farmland around the three cities on Bismarck continent.

During colonisation of Scharnhorst aquaculture was vital for feeding the population. Extensive fish farms around the three cities, and deep sea fishing fleets, allowed the population to be fed before the first local farms became productive. These continue, and today are a mixture of small corporations and smaller private enterprise. Similar to the family run agricultural farms, family run aquiculture farms and fishing vessels are the norm.



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