The Clans have adopted one of two philosophies. Some are Warden, believing their duty is to protect the Inner Sphere from outside aggression or from some internal disaster that warrants their intervention. Others are Crusaders and believe their destiny is to reclaim Terra and the Inner Sphere by force, re-establishing the Star League under Clan rule.

In the year 3055 Clan Wolf are the last remaining Warden clan.

The predominant Warden view is that they should remain separate to Inner Sphere society, only connecting to guide or protect their charges. An alternate view that Wardens should coexist directly as a form of over-caste is also maintained.

This changed from a philosophical debate to a reality after the Clan Invasion when Clan Wolf found itself ruling the planets in the Clan Wolf Occupation Zone which needed to be ruled and policed directly lest they revert back to their former Inner Sphere nations. Without full conquest of the Inner Sphere, none of the proposed Warden models of oversight over the whole of Inner Sphere civilisation were possible.

Clan Wolf have responded by expanding their Secondline garrison units for planetary defence (ostensibly verses external threats, not internal threats and police duties) and attempting to integrate, or at least coexist, with the existing planetary society. This has been met with mixed success between conquered worlds, and even different regions on the same world. The overriding strategy has been ‘benevolent rule with minimum intervention’ to attempt to keep unrest and resentment from the conquered populations to a minimum, but by necessity attempting to address the more problematic aspects of those societies.


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