Undine IIW

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Undine IIW
Clan Wolf Improved Undine. Finding the lack of stealth armour and the mere one shot on the LRM weapon unacceptable, particularly for operation on water worlds such as New Dusseldorf, the Undine was redesigned from the ground up. The intention is for a navy seal unit able to travel and battle underwater, and on land operate successfully in the urban environment locating and combating insurgents; and using urban cover and stealth to deliver LRM salvos to distant targets.

The result is a heavy suit, with a micro pulse laser with abundant ammunition, an LRM 3 with 6 salvos of missiles, greatly upgraded sensors for underwater operation and hunting insurgents through urban environments by their heat signiature, plus strengthened armour with stealth capabilities.

Two versions of the Undine IIW exist, the most common mounting long range missiles, the alternative and rarer design mounting long range torpedos. The primary critique of both designs is they are slow on land.

Design Information:
Heavy (1500 kg) Clan Battle Armour

Chassis, 400 kg, 0 slots
Ground Move 1, 0 kg, 0 slots
UMU Move 2, 320 kg, 0 slots
Battle Claw, 15 kg, 0 slots, Left Hand
Basic Manipulator, 0 kg, 0 slots, Right Hand
Basic Stealth Armour (10 pts), 300 kg, 3 slots (1 Body, 1 Left Arm, 1 Right Arm)
Heat Sensor, 20 kg, 1 slot (Body)
Micro Pulse Laser (51 shots), 160 kg, 1 slot (Right Arm)
Micro Pulse Laser Battery (Additional Shots), 15 kg, 0 slots, (Right Arm)
LRM 3 (6 shots), 255 kg, 3 slot (Body)
LRM ammunition (6 salvos of 2 LRMs), ? kg, 0 slot (Body)
AP Weapon Mount (Clan Vibrosword), 5 kg, 1 slot (Left Arm)
AP Weapon Mount (Clan ER Laser Rifle), 5 kg, 1 slot (Left Arm)
Sonar (Shotgun Microphone), 5 kg, 1 slot (Body)
Searchlight, 5 kg, 1 slot (Right Arm)

Total Warfare

Micro Pulse Laser

MBEX: 9/8/8/7
EIC: 4/5/2
Suit Bonus:

Battle Claw +5M / +5, +0 Martial Arts, +0 Melee Weapons (not including weapon bonuses)
Basic Manipulator +4M / +4, +1 Martial Arts, +0 Melee Weapons (not including weapon bonuses)
Kick +3M / +4, +2 Martial Arts, +0 Melee Weapons (NA)


Micro Pulse Laser

Clan ER Laser Rifle

Clan Vibrosword (Retractable Bayonet)

Battle Claw

Basic Manipulator


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Undine IIW

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