Trueborn, or Truebirth, refers to a person born artificially by the Clan genetics program. Naturally born people are now termed as Freeborn or Freebirth.

There are three types of Trueborn, each genetically tailored to their role in the Warrior Caste, and named accordingly. These are the Mechwarrior phenotype, the Elemental phenotype and the Aerospace Pilot phenotype.

All Trueborn are born into the Warrior Caste in a Sibko created from the genetic material of a warrior who proved themselves and their genetic fitness. The Sibko will train together from infancy, but the Sibko continually shrinks as the weakest performing members are cut and demoted to lower Clan Castes, or are killed in training. Only the top 10% on average will pass through training and enter the proper Warrior Caste as Warriors. Survivors of the remaining 90% will be demoted to lower castes, depending upon their aptitudes.

Typically Mechwarriors or Aerospace Pilots will be placed in the Scientist Caste if possible, or failing that the Technician Caste. Elementals rarely qualify for the Scientist Caste but can make excellent technicians, or failing that Labourers where their physical strength and endurance are an asset.

In Clan society, the Trueborn are unquestionably privileged compared to the Freeborn. The level of inequality varies by Clan, depending how Progressive or Orthodox the particular Clan is on the issue. Even Trueborns demoted to other castes will tend to be privileged there and also gifted individuals, and rewarded for their superior capabilities and performance.

Clan Wolf is the most Progressive and has the highest levels of rights and opportunity for Freeborn Clan members.

Clan Jade Falcon is the most Orthodox and forces Freeborn Clan members to remain in whichever of the Clan Castes they were born into, with almost no opportunity for Freeborn people to rise above their birth caste or gain entry to the Warrior Caste.


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