The Clans were founded after the Exodus, with the long term goal of restoring the Star League in the Inner Sphere, the medium term goal of solving the problems in human society that led to the fall of the Star League, and the short term goal of surviving on the harsh worlds the exiles found themselves upon.

That long term goal gave rise to the Warden and Crusader causes, opposing philosophies on how to achieve the goal of restoring the Star League and preventing a repeat of the fall.

The struggle for survival with limited recourses, and the need for social engineering to eliminate the societal problems (and human nature problems) that had led to the fall of the Star League led to the current structure of the Clans. This included the creation of Trueborns and the social place of Freeborn people, the five Clan Castes, sweeping reforms and complete economic restructuring.

While there is dispute now regarding wether Kerensky intended the Clans to follow the Warden way or Crusader way, there is no dispute of how he founded the Clans. The Orthodox or Conservative Clans cling to that initial founding and resist change, the Progressive Clans are willing to change (to some extent) to adapt to new situations or sometimes to make improvements in Clan Society.

Clan Wolf has a history as the most Progressive of the Clans, for example allowing the greatest level of mobility between Clan Castes and operating as a meritocracy rather than with rigid castes. Clan Wolf also gives the greatest opportunity for Freeborn clan members to enter the Warrior Caste, and is committed to Freebirth equality (as much as is practical) and considering the merit or Freeborn clan members not only their origins. Many of these efforts could be linked to the Warden cause.

To date, the greatest failure of the Progressive approach has been the annihilation of Clan Widowmaker due to conflict between an over-empowered Merchant Caste and the ruling Warrior Caste. Had the Merchant Caste not been allowed that level of autonomy, the clan would not have fallen.


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