The Clans were founded after the Exodus, with the long term goal of restoring the Star League in the Inner Sphere, the medium term goal of solving the problems in human society that led to the fall of the Star League, and the short term goal of surviving on the harsh worlds the exiles found themselves upon.

That long term goal gave rise to the Warden and Crusader causes, opposing philosophies on how to achieve the goal of restoring the Star League and preventing a repeat of the fall.

The struggle for survival with limited recourses, and the need for social engineering to eliminate the societal problems (and human nature problems) that had led to the fall of the Star League led to the current structure of the Clans. This included the creation of Trueborns and the social place of Freeborn people, the five Clan Castes, sweeping reforms and complete economic restructuring.

While there is dispute now regarding wether Kerensky intended the Clans to follow the Warden way or Crusader way, there is no dispute of how he founded the Clans. The Orthodox or Conservative Clans cling to that initial founding and resist change, the Progressive Clans are willing to change (to some extent) to adapt to new situations or sometimes to make improvements in Clan Society.

Orthodox clans, and in particular Clan Jade Falcon, hold strongly to the founding principles as laid down by Kerensky. The structure of Clan society was necessary then, and they consider it just as necessary now. While Progressive Clans such as Clan Wolf will deviate from these founding principles, and attempt to adapt to new conditions, the Orthodox clans see this as weakening Clan Society which was optimised and perfected by Kerensky, and that adaptation is another word for compromise. The danger of the Progressive approach could not have been more clearly demonstrated than by the annihilation of Clan Wiidowmaker.

The Progressive verses Orthodox divide is not a case of two factions, like the Warden verses Crusader issue. Also being Progressive is usually linked to only certain areas of Clan Society, with others being maintained without question. Other than the strictly Orthodox Clan Jade Falcon who are orthodox across the board, the others will be varying levels of Progressive and even then one clan might experiment with one progressive ideology that another clan would balk at. As this is by definition an internal clan matter, intervention by other clans is impossible but similarly no united Progressive (nor Conservative) faction is possible in inter-Clan politics.


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