The Nassau islands are spread throughout the equatorial region of New Dusseldorf. Many fishing villages are dotted throughout the islands, and some small port towns. Either by design or by chance, no island has more than one significant settlement.

Each town selects a leader, some democratically and some choosing the town elder, and these form the ‘Nassau Council’ who deliberate over matters affecting the entire island chain. Local matters, those affecting only the island a specific village is on, are strictly internal affairs not controlled by the council.

The Nassau islands are noted for having a wide variety of different cultural models and systems of governance. Some are variants of the Lyran colonists, others downright experimental and some which are remnants of minority groups or ethnic groups seeking a chance for self determination, as well as communities which have shunned technology.

The technology level of the colonies varies wildly (Level A to D) but generally struggle to match the technology rating of the three continents (Level E). There are also a number of isolated research stations studying either local sea-life or that were located on isolated islands for safety reasons.


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