Grau Bavaria

Grau Bavaria, Scharnhorst continent, New Dusseldorf
Grau Bavaria, Scharnhorst continent. The city of Grau Bavaria is believed to be a development from the name Neu (new) Baveria is the main city of the second continent and contains a lesser spaceport, to service the needs of the continent. Grau translates to grey, it seems that rather than calling the city ‘Neu Baveria’ or using numbers to differentiate, that the colonists of New Dusseldorf chose to use a colour to signiy the difference. This naming convention appears to have been used for Blau Berlin also. Technically Grau Bavaria was the second city founded on New Dusseldorf, contrary to the myth that the three main continents were settled sequentially.

During colonisation Grau Bavaria was set up as a spaceport-town, little more than an outpost and a foundation for future colonisation of Scharnhorst continent. For this reason Grau Baveria lacks the major earthworks seen in the three cities of Bismarck continent or the Star League civic planning of those cities.

The current industrial focus of the city is production of airships and other aircraft. The city serves as a transportation hub operation as a sea port, space port and air port. The city links to the inter-city Lightning Rail monorail system. Scharnhorst continent makes use of large airships as mobile construction vehicles and hauling bulk cargo. The practice of dropping off hundreds of construction workers, self-powered portable buildings and construction supplies into remote regions is common. This has accelerated the settlement of Scharnhorst continent.

Grau Bavaria has a reputation as the leading city of Scharnhorst continent. It lead the settlement of the inland of the continent, it contains the continent’s main universities and spaceport, and is the seat of governance for Scharnhorst continent.

After the Clan Wolf Invasion, officials and representatives from Clan Wolf govern Scharnhorst continent from Grau Bavaria.

Grau Bavaria

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