The Clans have adopted one of two philosophies. Some are Warden, believing their duty is to protect the Inner Sphere from outside aggression or from some internal disaster that warrants their intervention. Others are Crusaders and believe their destiny is to reclaim Terra and the Inner Sphere by force, re-establishing the Star League under Clan rule.

In the year 3055 Clan Wolf are the last remaining Warden clan. All other clans have adopted the Crusader cause, and even Clan Wolf has a minority who favour the Crusader way.

The majority Crusader view is that the Inner Sphere should be conquered, and its population integrated into the Clan Castes and become a part of Clan society. The minority views are that the Crusaders could reinstate (and rule) a new Star League, or that after some number of generations living the clan way, they could somehow transition back to the pre-clan lifestyle during the original Star League before the Exodus. Both of these minorities are considered idealistic and based upon the Clans founding goal of restoring the Star League, not restoring the league in the clan’s own image. The majority view is considered more practical, realistic and pragmatic. Similarly, for all its potential, the Star League still fell, and the majority Crusader view should prevent a repeat of that fall.

Of the three invading Clans following the Crusader way, Clan Jade Falcon are the most Orthodox and the most dedicated to the Crusader cause.

The worlds occupied by the Crusader clans have had their populations forced into the system of Clan Castes despite their resistance. The level of tolerance to practice of cultural ways and of social ways out of work hours has varied between the three clans, with Clan Jade Falcon being by far the most strict on the conquered populations.


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