Corona IIW

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Corona IIW
Clan Wolf Improved Corona. A deviation from the original design centred around a Medium Pulse Laser, the Clan Wolf revision centres upon a longer range LRM 5 to improve upon the design concept of a battle armour that can threaten a battlemech at range. The Medium Pulse Laser is removed, replaced with an LRM 5 with 10 salvos of missiles, an additional 3 AP Weapon Mounts, restoring the armour to that of a standard elemental and upgrading to Standard Stealth Armour, plus adding Improved Sensors to aid target acquisition and targeting.

This results in a more heavily armoured suit with stealth capability, greater anti-personnel capacity, the ability to indirect fire and almost twice the range. Despite this, Mk1 Corona suits remain popular, particularly for trials.

Design Information:
Heavy (1500 kg) Clan Battle Armour

Chassis, 400 kg, 0 slots
Ground Move 2, 80 kg, 0 slots
Jump Move 0, 0 kg, 0 slots
Battle Claw, 15 kg, 0 slots, Left Hand
Basic Manipulator, 0 kg, 0 slots, Right Hand
Standard Stealth Armour (10 pts), 350 kg, 4 slots (2 Body, 1 Left Arm, 1 Right Arm)
Improved Sensors, 45 kg, 1 slot (Body)
LRM 5 (10 shots), 175 kg, 3 slot (Body)
LRM ammunition (10 salvos of 5 LRMs), 415 kg, 0 slot (Body)
AP Weapon Mount (Clan Vibrosword, Retractable Bayonet), 5 kg, 1 slot (Left Arm)
AP Weapon Mount (Clan Pulse Laser Rifle), 5 kg, 1 slot (Left Arm)
AP Weapon Mount (Clan ER Laser Rifle), 5 kg, 1 slot (Right Arm)
AP Weapon Mount (Heavy Grenade Launcher), 5 kg, 1 slot (Right Arm)

Total Warfare

MBEX: 9/8/8/7
EIC: 5/6/2
Suit Bonus:

  • Battle Claw +5M / +5, +1 Martial Arts, +1 Melee Weapons (not including weapon bonuses)
  • Basic Manipulator +4M / +4, +2 Martial Arts, +1 Melee Weapons (not including weapon bonuses)
  • Kick +3M / +4, +3 Martial Arts, +1 Melee Weapons (NA)


Clan ER Laser Rifle

Clan Pulse Laser Rifle

Heavy Grenade Launcher

Clan Vibrosword (Retractable Bayonet)

Battle Claw

Basic Manipulator


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Corona IIW

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