Clan Wolf Occupation Zone

The inner sphere is a barbarous region, dominated by the Great Houses whose treachery and infighting led to the fall of the hallowed Star League and the exile.

Inner sphere 3040

But the seeds of their treachery would lead to their downfall. From the fires of the exodus the clans arose, like unto a phoenix.

When the time was right, and the long preparation of the clans had finally come to fruition, the invasion began.

Inner sphere 3052

The Clan Wolf Occupation Zone includes worlds from the Lyran half of the Federated Commonwealth and the bulk of the territory formerly comprising the Free Rasalhague Republic and a handful of Draconis Combine worlds. The advance of the clans was paused but not halted by the clans defeat at Battle of Tukkayid and the Truce of Tukkayid. Despite Clan Wolf successfully seizing its two objectives in the Battle of Tukkayid, the defeat of the other clans has bound all invading clans.

Presently, the Clan Wolf Occupation Zone is occupied by conquered native populations and the conquering Clan Wolf including a complete population comprising all five castes.

The forward border of the Clan Wolf Occupation Zone is the surviving remnant of the Free Rasalhague Republic. Nearby are the Lyran territory of the Federated Commonwealth and the Draconis Combine. To one flank are Clan Jade Falcon, and the other Clan Ghost Bear.

The forward capitol of the Clan Wolf Occupation Zone is the planet New Dusseldorf, founded during the time of the Star League. The previously Lyran world was formerly far from the border of the Lyran Alliance and the Draconis Combine, but more recently had became a border-world between the Lyran Alliance and the newly formed Free Rasalhague Republic. Historically New Dusseldorf has primarily been a modern agricultural world, maintaining a high technological base. The planet has a history of being fiercely independent in terms of agricultural equipment production and naval asset production.

Before the invasion, the military focus of New Dusseldorf had been blue-water navy and aerospace assets. The naval training facilities were first rate, though blue water naval assets have become relatively obsolete. The aerospace training facilities were first rate also, with cadets trained on New Dusseldorf being stationed throughout neighbouring and nearby systems.

Clan Wolf Occupation Zone

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