Clan Wolf

Clan Wolf warriors follow the codes of Clan Honour and Zellbrigen, and the system of Trials. Clan Wolf society is comprised of the five Clan Castes and the regulated meritocracy determining an individual’s place in Clan society. Clan Wolf has access to exclusive Bloodnames including Kerensky.

As a Warden clan, in fact the last of the wardens, Clan Wolf is relatively Progressive in its treatment of Freeborns and in terms of Freebirth rights. The Crusader clans tend to be far more Orthodox and conservative in their caste heirarchy and the supremacy of the Trueborn.

English is the primary Clan Language and stems from the English spoken during the Star League era, however since that time the Clan English has developed some differences to that of the Inner Sphere.

Clan Wolf was founded by Jerome Winson, brother-in-law of the the Founder of all clans, Nicholas Kerensky in 2807, who also became a member of this Clan. The chosen Clan of Kerensky, the Wolves had been a dominant force in the Clans since their beginning. Kerensky named the Clan after the Strana Mechty wolf, the creature he saw as the ultimate warrior. Following Operation Klondike, Kerensky honoured his promise to the Clans, granting his blood legacy and leadership to the warriors who had performed above their peers during the campaign to retake the Pentagon Worlds. In an action that enraged Clan Jade Falcon, and Clan Smoke Jaguar, both of which believed they had earned Kerensky’s patronage, ilKhan Nicholas Kerensky joined the Wolves. Kerensky’s patronage placed the Wolves at the forefront of the Clans, at the expense of creating the first real rift in the Grand Council. The Wolves have staunchly defended the Kerensky Bloodname ever since, despite numerous attempts by other Clans to take it by force.

Clan Wolf proved themselves expert warriors: they annihilated Clan Wolverine and absorbed Clan Widowmaker, long before their successes in the invasion of the Inner Sphere. They also created Elemental body armor, though it would take assistance from Clan Hell’s Horses to perfect the Elemental phenotype and HarJel from the Diamond Sharks before Elemental suits reached their current form. They led the Warden Clans in the Grand Council and were the only Clan to oppose the Clan Invasion in 3050. Clan Wolf proposed sending a reconnaissance force to gather intelligence before the Invasion, a force that eventually became known as the Wolf’s Dragoons, arguably the best mercenary unit in the Inner Sphere, and crucial in stopping the Clan’s invasion.

Although they lost a Trial of Refusal against the motion to invade the Inner Sphere and were selected for the invasion force as punishment for voting against the pro-invasion majority, the Wolves decided to beat the Crusaders at their own game. They participated in it nonetheless and soon outdid all other Clans in seizing more worlds and at a faster pace than any other Clan. Their holdings were mostly taken from the Free Rasalhague Republic and the Lyran half of the Federated Commonwealth. Their capture of Rasalhague cemented their leadership in the Invasion and the Wolf Khan, Ulric Kerensky, became the leader of the Clans, an ilKhan, after their successes (and the death in battle of the previous ilKhan, Leo Showers). Ulric negotiated with Precentor Martial Anastasius Focht of ComStar resulting in the proxy battle for Terra (the Clans’ goal) on Tukayyid in 3052. During the Battle of Tukayyid, Clan Wolf was one of only two Clans to prevail against the defending ComStar forces (the other victor being Clan Ghost Bear who were awarded a “marginal” victory). Nevertheless, the Wolves were the ones who helped convince the other clans to adhere to the terms when the Trial was lost, leading to the treaty that halted the invasion with a 15-year truce.

Clan Wolf

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