Character Generation

Campaign Bonus Experience
Characters in the Wolves on Watch campaign recieve the following:
300exp ‘Fast Learner’.
100exp ‘Connections’ (Commanding officer)
600exp For background appropriate traits, (at GM discretion). These can be for the current caste or previous castes.

Campaign Starting Experience
Starting experience is 6000exp not including the Campaign Bonus Experience.

Starting Equipment
Characters in the Wolves on Watch campaign will be armed and armoured by their caste. Room and board are also provided by their caste. Warriors will be issued with one Military Communicator (independent of any built into a helmet), civilians will be issued with one Civilian Communicator, and all will be assignment-relevant tools will also be provided including medical equipment. Other equipment must be purchased/requisitioned.

Skill Levels
A summary of the Skill Levels of Career, Language, and Protocol and what each means is provided.

Character Generation

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