Modified Anhur Transport VTOL


The Liberty is a modified Anhur Transport VTOL.

Designated Pilot
Technician Sharon ‘Wright’.

Design Information
Both Medium Pulse Lasers are converted to ER Medium Lasers. The Liberty is fitted with a 15 man Infantry Bay (2.5t), a pair of Lift Hoist mechanisms (6t) and a second Searchlight (0.5t).

Design Capabilities
The Liberty is capable of carrying up to 30 ton of cargo using the paired lift hoists, however speed will be impared if carrying over 15 ton. The Liberty can carry up to 15 personnel and their equipment in comfort, in addition to catering to their ‘biological needs’.

Furthermore, the Liberty is fitted with a neurohelmet allowing one operator to pilot the VTOL, operate the lift hoists and searchlights, communications gear, and the weapons without requiring a copilot. The system is biometrically locked to Technician Sharon ‘Wright’. The Liberty can be flown conventionally, requiring a crew of two operators.



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