Technician Karigan

Technician Caste, Trueborn of the Mechwarrior Phenotype, Industrialmech Technician


Karigan was born into the Warrior Caste of Clan Wolf and passed through Warrior Caste training.

After falling from the Warrior Caste, but not showing an aptitude for the Scientist Caste, Karigan fell to the Technician caste where her skill as a technician on ’mechs would be useful. She was assigned to service the Industrialmechs that Clan Wolf had inherited upon the former Inner Sphere world of New Dusseldorf. This was the highest of the Clan Castes the ex-warrior could be placed into.

Technician Karigan has a mixed track record, with a strong performance as a technician coupled with an appalling lack of discipline.


Technician Karigan

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