Technician Sharon 'Wright'

Technician Caste, Trueborn of the Aerospace Pilot Phenotype, Aircraft Technician


Sharon was born into the Warrior Caste of Clan Wolf and passed through Warrior Caste training. She graduated too late to participate in the great invasion, and the lack of combat experience saw her lose her position in the Warrior Caste during a trial of position against a veteran aerospace pilot. During the trial Sharon was acting as wingman for her sibkin, who was killed in action, and Sharon was seriously wounded. This led to a lengthy recovery period, including the need for cloned replacement tissue, and due to this delay she was displaced from the Warrior Caste.

After falling from the Warrior Caste, but not showing an aptitude for the Scientist Caste, Sharon fell to the Technician caste where her skill as a technician on aircraft would be useful. This was the highest of the Clan Castes the ex-warrior could be placed into. Since then Sharon has built upon these skills, and entered service to the Scientist Caste on New Dusseldorf as a technician and civilian VTOL pilot.

Sharon was given the Labname of ‘Wright’, which she found both unexpected and stunning. Having been raised to seek a Bloodname, gaining the name of the original inventors of flight was a shocking honour which she has not yet fully recovered from.

Currently Sharon pilots the Liberty, a modified Anhur transport VTOL. This VTOL has been heavily modified by Sharon.


Technician Sharon 'Wright'

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