Scientist Jarrod 'Faraday'

Scientist Caste, Trueborn of the Mechwarrior Phenotype, Battlemech Design Expert


Jarrod was born into the Warrior Caste but flunked out of his Trueborn Sibko. His piloting and gunnery were underdeveloped, and his reliance upon Battlemech optimisation to offset this was insufficient to match his more proficient peers. Conversely, his preoccupation with Battlemech design and engineering may have caused him to neglect his piloting and gunnery training.

Jarrod’s expertise in Battlemech design has earned him a place in the Scientist Caste, and he was reassigned to New Dusseldorf.

The Labname of Faraday was selected for Jarrod, once he had proved his worthiness.


Scientist Jarrod 'Faraday'

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